In pursuit of becoming a gateway between highly specialized interdisciplinary fields and specialists, and opening up the future of human health and medical care.

Greetings from the President

Our company has been taking a new approach to “life science”, aiming to realize its social implementation in two fields: regenerative medicine and healthcare.
The core of regenerative medicine is the world of the cell. Cell therapy is a field that has been significantly progressing toward the next generation, and also gives great hope for next-generation medicine which has the potential to provide people with new treatment methods.
The distinctive feature of both the regenerative medicine and healthcare divisions of our company is that they focus their research interests on the orthopedic field.
Life science, unlike physics and chemistry which can be verified under the same conditions, is challenging as a science because it is an area of life in which reproduction of the same individual is impossible.
On the other hand, combining cutting-edge medical engineering and integrating various interdisciplinary fields have produced new solutions to the approach to life science, which used to be considered difficult.
We are in pursuit of becoming a gateway that leads new solutions with an indomitable spirit according to our management philosophy, “Wisdom”, “Benevolence”, and “Courage”.

RMiC:Regenerative Medicine iPS Gateway Center Co.,Ltd.

Representative Director:
Takahide Nishino

西野 高秀
西野 高秀