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Development of motion analysis diagnostic application

Most cases of stiffness and pain in the musculoskeletal system are caused by a lack of balance in daily activities. Once the pattern of daily movement becomes habitual, it induces more stiffness and pain in a chain reaction, placing strains on specific muscles and joints. To clarify the underlying mechanism of these causes, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the position of the skeleton, and how muscles function at rest and during movement. We incorporate medical and mechanical findings, perform analysis in the biomechanics field with Professor Nagura at Keio University, and make use of opinions from top trainers.

Motion capture technology, used in motion analysis devices, is useful for quantifying motion. Motion capture is a technology that digitally records the movements of real people and objects, which has conventionally been used to measure specific parts depending on the needs of the research field, or to simply measure joint angles. In contrast, we measure the balance of the whole body, and visualize the twist and distortion of joints.


Referrals to Specialists, and
Formulation/Guidance of Improvement Program

When we experience trouble in the musculoskeletal system, treatment and training appropriate for the symptoms are required. On the other hand, the specialty of orthopedic surgeons is subdivided for each musculoskeletal unit, such as shoulders, knees and hands.

We make referrals to specialists of each musculoskeletal unit suitable for the medical condition, following consultations with sports doctors including Dr. Hideo Matsumoto, formerly Professor of Sports Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, and President of Japan Sports Medicine Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation. In addition, in cooperation with doctors, we provide counseling sessions with top trainers and musculoskeletal function improvement programs based on the results of an original motion analysis diagnostic program. Please contact us for more information.

Service program

  • ・Referrals to specialists according to medical conditions
  • ・Implementation of performance analysis diagnosis
  • ・Designing a custom-made improvement program
  • ・Provision of continuous guidance on improvement programs by top trainers
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Sales of medical devices for motion analysis

The motion analysis diagnostic program is suitable for medical devices that make full use of motion capture technology. Please contact us regarding these medical devices.